Quickly Set Up Trojan-Go

1. Server

You need a server with a DNS A record pointing to it.

SSH into your server as root.

Download the one-click script from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jinwyp/one_click_script/master/trojan_v2ray_install.sh.

Make the script executable.

chmod +x trojan_v2ray_install.sh

Run the script for the first time.


Configure BBR by choosing 1, then 4.

Run the script for the second time.


Optimize your system by choosing 1, then 10.

Put y to reboot. Wait 10 seconds for the server to reboot. Again, SSH into your server as root.

Run the script for the third time.


Choose 6 to install Trojan-Go.

Enter your fully qualified domain name. Put y to check your DNS entry. The script then runs.

At the end, your login details are displayed. Save the login details.

Get the URL to download the Windows client.

2. Windows Client

Download the client zip file. Extract all files in the zip file.

Launch V2RayN. Bring up the V2RayN panel.

Under Servers, select Add Trojan Server. Enter your login details.

Launch Firefox. Open Options. Open the Network Settings. Configure Firefox to use the SOCKS v5 host on, port 10808. Click OK.

Visit https://www.dnsleaktest.com to check that your are using your remote proxy server and not your local PC to access the Internet.